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Webinar: Live Attorney Panel Q&A (Session 1)

Join our panel of attorneys as they answer questions related to caregiving submitted by our community!

Hosted by Molly M. Blazek, Attorney at Law and founder of Guardian Connect, and David S. Kirk, Research Attorney and In-House Counsel.

Questions submitted for this video include:

  • If you’re the Guardian, could someone try to be a conservator without your knowledge and access the ward’s funds?
  • When are annual reports due?
  • Does the same person have to be both the Guardian and Conservator or can they be different people?
  • Can my ward have their own bank account for spending money?
  • In the event of my ward being approved for a new benefit, what do I do with the money?
  • How do I get a budget approved?
  • Who are interested persons?
  • As a guardian, am I responsible for having a will or a POA made for my ward?
  • And more!

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